Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Acoustic folk three-piece Yeti Love (Peter Hamilton, Dave Sears, and Julian Eccleston) have recently released their self titled debut album through Airballoon Productions.

It's fair to say that each member of this Croydon based band have been around the musical block a bit, but having been a part of several national and international touring acts, the trio seemingly came to the unanimous decision that the mainstream industry was not for them and a new path needed to be taken. Step forward Yeti Love.

Firstly the name, Yeti Love, according to Peter Hamilton comes from him seeing footage from the TV programme 'Patterson Big Foot' when he was a kid, with said show making him 'scared shitless' and he's been obsessed ever since!

This album is not your straight forward acoustic folk fodder, it's a brave record that mixes up tempo and styles, with some clever production work, and with Hamilton's acutely infectious vocals surrounded by a swathe of delicate chords and finger picking guitar.

James Willment Photography
Kicking off with 'Old Man', the album moves effortlessly around the acoustic spectrum. 'Lonely Road' is the heaviest song on the record, with 'Saints Of White Lines' perhaps the strongest track emotively, but it's surrounded by others with different depths such as 'Blood On Her Hands' (which might be the first harmonica filled track I can confess to liking), and 'Stones' which sounds really genuine and honest to it's core. Half the songs you can imagine sitting around a camp fire listening to, the rest you'd want to be up on your feet dancing about to!

Having been on tour with Nick Oliveri this Summer it's clear that Yeti Love are already getting to the right ears and hopefully more good things are to come for them! // Yeti Love / Airballoon Recordings

Monday, 11 August 2014


Ahead of the fourth Gallows album 'Desolation Sounds' which is due to be released in November this year, the band have put out a new single as a split release through their own label Venn Records and Play It Again Sam.

'Chains' is a slow, powerful and dark track that is one of the heaviest bits of music the band have put out to date. Recorded in one day, there is a real edge attached and a intensity that has maybe been lacking since the 'Grey Britain' days.

The video is also worth a mention, shot in Toronto by director and musician Josh Reichmann, it's almost a short film than a music video. There's dark and sinister undertones throughout with the black and white effect helping to enhance the eerie unforgiving nature of the music.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Beverly, a recording project between Drew Citron and Frankie Rose, released their debut album 'Careers' through Kanine Records earlier last month. A combination of surf pop melodies and shoegaze noise, the duo based out of Brooklyn, New York have created an album that certainly sounds more than just after thought in between their main pursues of interest.

On tour with The Drums in the states in the upcoming months, the track 'Honey Do' - the first single from the album, was recently used as the music for a video promoting the UK Independent Label Market in London. // Beverly / Kanine Records