Asylums - Wet Dream Fanzine
GHXST - Nowhere
Groan - Highrospliffics
Maths - The Fires Courting The Sea


Farao - Farao (Jon Sidwell)
Jamie Isaac - Blue Break (Jon Sidwell)
Weaves - Weaves (Jon Sidwell)


 Annie Dressner - East Twenties (Jon Sidwell) 
Denai Moore - The Lake (Jon Sidwell)  
Kid Karate - Lights Out (Jon Sidwell)
Mt. Wolf - Hypolight (Jon Sidwell)
Sophie Jamieson - Where (Sarah Rayner)
Vance Joy - God Only Loves You When You're Dancing (Jon Sidwell)


21 Perspective - My Ideal Woman (Tom Nash)   
Alby Daniels - This Dawn (Chris Meredith)
Cara Mitchell - Have You Ever Wondered (Jon Sidwell)
Es Muss Sein - Es Muss Sein (Moker)
mothbites - mothbites (Jon Sidwell)
Ninetails - Slept And Did Not Sleep (Jon Sidwell) 
Oliloquy - The Red EP (Tom Nash)
Public Service Broadcasting - The War Room (Jon Sidwell)
Salo - Salo (Clive Rozario) 
Samoans - Elevated Reflections (Jon Sidwell)
To Kill A King - Word Of Mouth (Mark Slater) 
Trim The Barber - Trim The Barber (Jon Sidwell)
Vices - Hotel Monsoon (Jon Sidwell)
Wolf Alice - Wolf Alice (Jon Sidwell)

Kids - Summer Frights (Jon Sidwell)
Modual - In All Kinds (Chris Meredith)
To Disappear - Into (Chris Meredith)
Vetoes - Ritalin/Ritalout (Clive Rozario)


Autoportrait - Songs For The Quietness (Jon Sidwell)
Babeshadow - Sea Serpents (Seth Parker)
Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea - I Watched It From The Roadside (Jon Sidwell)
Egyptian Hip Hop - Some Reptiles Grow Wings (Moker)
George Lenton - Midnight (Jon Sidwell)
Hold Your Horse Is - Rammin It Home (Clive Rozario)
Hot Club De Paris - The Rise And Inevitable Fall Of The High School Suicide Cluster Band (Clive Rozario)
Jack Morgan - Sleep In Heavenly Peace (Clive Rozario) 
Jumping Ships - Orientation (Clive Rozario)
Lonely The Brave - Backroads (Moker)
The Morgues - Now Look At Me (Moker)
Screaming Maldini - And The Kookaburra (Jon Sidwell)
Strange Birds - Strange Birds (Moker)
Tall Ships - Tall Ships (Jon Sidwell)


Alan Wilkis - Pink And Purple (Moker)
Shambles Miller - Shambles Vs The Dragon Wizard (Jon Sidwell)
The Yearbooks - Have A Great Summer (Moker)