EP Review : Beneath the Beach, the Pavement - As Applicable for the Chemical Symbol for Sodium

Beneath the Beach, the Pavement are an experimental math pop trio from London. Having recently released their debut EP 'As Applicable for the Chemical Symbol for Sodium', as well some relentless touring in and around the capital, the band are starting to make some headway with their complex ideas.

Kicking off their EP with 'B Minor Suite', the band launch into their abstract take on electronica, with sweeping guitars and off key sample beats aplenty. Although initial comparisons can be drawn with the likes of Foals or Late of the Pier, it quickly becomes apparent that a vocalist is not needed for this band, with a plethora of voice samples from various key speakers used to provide a social commentary on current affairs instead. 'Wish I Could Be Like Alan Watts' chops and changes its tempo to great effect, taking an almost grunge like approach. The third track of this EP '2' is perhaps my favourite, not least because it uses a sample of Professor Brain Cox (Wonders of the Universe), but also because the band seem to cram a huge manitude of ideas into its two and a half minutes.

The final two tracks of the record, 'A Brain To Brittle To Bend' and 'Watermark' suggest a bright future ahead for this young band. Wisely the number of voice samples used are severly reduced, placing a much needed emphasis on the talent and ideas of the musicians themselves. Whilst the samples initially stand out on the earlier tracks, they tend to become less important on repeat plays, and can actually detract from the music. 'Watermark' in particular demonstrates how the band have found the right balance, executing the effect of the samples in perfect harmony with their groovy guitar led music.

'As Applicable for the Chemical Symbol for Sodium' is a strong debut EP, from a band who are clearly bursting with ideas and intentions of creating something different. You can catch Beneath the Beach, the Pavement at Catch in Shoreditch on February 15th. // Beneath the Beach, the Pavement // Listen to the full EP.

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