Single Review : Dead Red Sun - Facility

Having formed just over a year ago, London 3-piece Dead Red Sun look set to up the anti in 2011 with a new single 'Facility' and a forthcoming EP, to go along with their constant touring in and around the capital.

'Facility' perfectly encompasses what this instrumental band are all about. Beginning with a recorded voice sample, things quickly move into instrumental territory as Mike Guppy's guitar, Ollie Bremner's bass, and Tom Murphy's drums all collide with pin point precision. The pace is fast and unnerving, making the listener acutely aware that a full on crescendo is about to occur, and it dutifully does just over halfway through the track. From here on in Dead Red Sun effortlessly evoke emotions out of their instruments, employing mathy time signatures to alter the flow and direction of the track. It's saying something that the 6.09 minutes of this track seem to go by so quickly, and a repeat play is almost guaranteed upon every listen.

It's fair to say Music Liberation is eagerly awaiting the debut EP from Dead Red Run, which is expected later this year, after being entirely capitvated by their first single release in the form of 'Facility'. // Download the single for free from the band's bandcamp site. // Dead Red Sun

Dead Red Sun - Facility by Music Liberation


  1. I have always been interested with music and it is good to know that there are still some good bands playing around. Thanks for sharing!


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