New Music : Seri Doja

Seri Doja is a provocative and interesting hip hop artist who has been making music since 2006 and is currently working hard on making a demo for the masses. The first single I push the button on is the track ‘Hung Like a Parliament’, a hard hitting and thought provoking tune about the current economic, political and social issues that surround a recession hit Britain in 2011. 

The rhymes on this track feel like they are well written and a lot of thought has gone into each punch that Seri throws. The beat provided on this track does not disappoint and once the track gets going you’ll find your head uncontrollably nodding to the tempo.

Another track that grabbed my attention is the aptly titled ‘Big Brother’, which is Seri’s tribute to his love of music and the influence that it has had throughout his life. The rhymes on this track are again cleverly constructed with every line easily conceived as a double entendre. This track has a laid back flow that you can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere and although isn’t as hard hitting as ‘Hung Like a Parliament’ it is a very intelligent piece of music that any hip hop fan would enjoy.

Although both of these tracks take completely different directions, they are both superb examples of British Hip-Hop that leaves you wanting to hear more. Seri Doja is a refreshing listen compared to the generic path hip hop artists can quite easily go down, with lyrical content nearly all listeners can relate to. For these tracks and more from Seri hit up his Soundcloud... You won’t be disappointed. // Seri Doja

01 Hung Like A Parliament (Studio Edition) by Seri Doja

03 Big Brother by Seri Doja


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