New Music : Nicole Atkins

New Jersey born Nicole Atkins returns this year with her second album titled 'Mondo Amore'. Released through Proper Records on March 28th, it is the follow up record to her 2007 debut 'Neptune City'. According to Atkins "Neptune City was a record about my hometown and finding a way out of it. Mondo Amore is a record about heartache and finding a way out of that. It’s songs for people to fuck and fight to". 

All interesting stuff i'm sure you'll agree, and you can check out a full review of her new album on Music Liberation in a few weeks time. For the moment check out the video for 'Vultures', which will be the first single from the new record, as well as listening to 'Cry Cry Cry which is also taken from the album.

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  1. Nicole Atkins seems a little cocky. So are you nicole atkins or the black sea? Because honestly your nothing without the sea.
    If i were nicole atkins and i wanted to bring in the dough I'd work with the band more and show off their looks (the guitarist is bangin) rather than pretending to be a band.


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