EP Review : Modual - In All Kinds

Modual's EP ‘In All Kinds’ contains wonderfully mixed tracks that fuse dubstep and D&B tempos with euphoric vocals and synths. This is an EP that draws you in right from the start, the track ‘Sticks and Stones’ displays an ear for knowing when to drop the pace and introduce the head nodding melodies. ‘Concrete Stone’ follows and effortlessly drops the BPM and smashes the bass reverberating from my speakers, a sound that has become synonymous with dubstep.

Tracks like ‘Some Kind of Stranger’ and ‘Words’ however, do at times feel like more filler than killer, the latter feeling more like a bonus track I would expect to hear on a George Michael LP. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it feels a little dated. Having briefly lost interest, I do a bit of research to find out that Modual are a Swedish duo and umm, well that’s it really, oh and they formed in 2009. I then return to the sound of ‘Greed’ a certified killer track that is guaranteed to make it on to the workout playlist... The holy grail for any drum and bass artist of course. ‘Greed’ feels like it has been taken straight from the hands of Netsky and resembles his execution and style that has become the benchmark for modern day D&B.

The EP is polished off by the faultless ‘You Always Made Me Belong’, and such is the brilliance of the baseline in this track I don’t believe a vocal to be necessary, because your ears are instantly drawn to it. 

To summarise this EP is a must for anyone who is a self confessed ‘bass head’, it’s a no brainer!

In All Kinds is out now through Loodma Recordings and you can grab it here.