Album Review : Hanin Elias - Get It Back

Get It Back’ is the new album from Hanin Elias, a former member of the Atari Teenage Riot (more on that later), who has delivered a rather stunning electronic record that will challenge you right from the off. It’s a blistering assault on your senses and only the very brave will make it to the end. No really...

Some you may or may not know that Atari Teenage Riot recently reformed after a near ten year hiatus, a period in which neither remaining member of the group spoke to each other.  Hanin Elias was meant to be involved in that project which included her co ATR collaborator Alec Empire, however despite providing vocals for the comeback single ‘Activate’, she was unashamedly dropped for what Empire described as delivering vocals which had lost Elias famous screaming voice. Those vocals can now be found on the track ‘Axis Shifting’, which appears on ‘Get It Back’, with Elias setting out to prove that Mr Empire was wrong to drop her and she can go it alone.
Kicking off with the title track, Elias quickly establishes her dynamic voice as being the forefront driving force behind her music. Her voice is high pitched and at times extremely cutting, with her passion directly emanating through her vocals. The music behind her is ferocious too, with debut single ‘Do You Know!!!’ demonstrating often bleak, abstract, and fast pitched electronica which at times can be difficult to keep up with.

Elias has an ear for a range of different genres, with drum and bass, hip hop, house, folk, and pop music all referenced throughout the 11 tracks and 40 minutes. Contemporary comparisons can be drawn with the likes of Teeth, Crystal Castles, and Glass Diamond. ‘Dead Eyes’ is perhaps my favourite track on the record, with its driving beats, spaced out synths, and repeated vocals drawing you in. The inclusion of the Tying Tiffany remix of the accessible ‘Future Noir’ midway through the album demonstrates the ability of Elias to rain in her extreme vocals and beats when required showing off her clear musical knowledge.

Get It Back’ is clearly not an album for every occasion, with its dark themes and destructive nature not lending itself easily to the mass market. However if you’re able to get past its abrasive edge you will be pleasantly surprised at the subtlety and craft that has gone into making a challenging yet ultimately rewarding electronica album.

The album is out now through Rustblade, meanwhile say hello to Elias on twitter and facebook.

10 Axis Shifting by GETITBACK


  1. FYI Hanin Elias wasn't 'dropped' from ATR by Empire, it was her decision to quit again.

  2. Well I've heard otherwise. Either way both projects rock :-)

  3. FYI²


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