Single Review : A Lull - Weapons For War

Terrifyingly beautiful

Let's go with the general consensus on the web here: Chicago's A Lull hit the spot and fit the scene. The foursome's single 'Weapons for War' is the first from debut full-length album 'Confetti', which is out now through Mush Records. It's a cacophonic aural assault driven by opposing forces.

A Lull take things a step up, drawing onto layers of 'Washed Out'-esque dreamy chillwave with melodramatic percussive explosions and some rather fetching vocal hooks to create an altogether love-filled musical experience.

Those light, pop-catchy musical sensibilities are dwarfed by epic tribal flavours, interwoven into a fabric that's positively technicolour.

Best thing is, you can download a demo of the track for free from their site, as well as purchasing the full album and single remixes (recommended).

Oh - and the bass - turn it up.

Weapons For War by A Lull