New Music : Barcode Channel

Kicking off with some Foals ‘Antidotes’ like guitar/drum patterns it quickly transpires there’s more to this 3-piece than simply being a rip off of Yannis and co. Based in Cambridge and with a debut EP already behind them, Barcode Channel certainly seem to be taking the proverbial bull by the proverbial horns.

On ‘Feedback Loop’, the first proper single from the 'A Ticket Out' EP, they quickly demonstrate what they are all about; catchy guitars, fancy electronic beats, and big vocals.

You can dance to it (ED: well i couldn’t, but I can’t dance period...but i digress), you can mosh to it (ED: do people still ‘mosh’?), and you could probably do a lot of others things to it (ED: let’s stop there shall we...). Basically what I’m saying is that ‘Feedback Loop’ transcends many boundaries and will tick many boxes for many people. Great. Oh and the best bit is right at the end where the track finishes with some sort of old school Atari burning up dying sound. Bonus.

You can catch Barcode Channel playing shows in and around Cambridge, whilst ‘Feedback Loop’ is out now on the ‘A Ticket Out’ EP. Say hello to them on Twitter and Facebook.

Feedback Loop by Barcode Channel