New Music: Katie Malco - For Just One Minute There

I just didn’t get Katie Malco straight away, there’s no point in denying it, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Well I don’t think so, some music you just need time to understand and grow with, something that our current ‘always-on-the-go’ culture does not always permit. However a weekend back home in sunny Wales (okay it was raining) soon gave me plenty of time to get acquainted with Miss Malco and her track ‘For Just One Minute There’.

Taken from her ‘Four Goodbyes’ EP, the track starts with a glorious strings section which will brighten any gloomy day, before we are quickly introduced to Malco’s sweet and charming voice. Her vocals perfectly suit the music, not overpowering but still forceful enough to drive the track along. Comparisons can be drawn with the likes of Laura Marling (ED: Generic female guitar comparison, but it actually rings true here), Gabrielle Aplin, and there are even hints of a youthful Jack Penate. It’s one of those tracks which after you ‘get it’ you’ll be totally in love with and feel like you’ve known the song your whole life.

You can download ‘For Just One Minute There’ for free now, whilst keep your eyes peeled for her debut EP which is expected later this year, through one of our favourite independent labels Alcopop! Big things are expected. Say hello to her on twitter and facebook.

Katie Malco - For Just One Minute There by alcopop