EP Review : To Disappear - Into

Hailing from Whistler, Canada, To Disappear are a dynamically talented indie-rock group. Looking deeper into the history of this band, however, it reads more like a U.N. peace envoy, with the lead vocals coming from Spain, a guitarist from Australia, a drummer from Blighty and of course a talented multi musician/producer from Canada. The variety of different nationalities and their own individual influences amongst To Disappear is widely reflected in each track of their ‘Into’ EP. As a result of this each track flows effortlessly into the next, each bringing a beautiful melody and vocal that you can’t help but drift away to.

The record kicks off with 'Carousel' an upbeat track that makes you eager to hear more from the band. But if you’re expecting a ‘safe’ listen, with generic indie guitar riffs and a standard drum beat to accompany then you’re in the wrong place. ‘Carousel’ and ‘TBC’ are both easy listening pieces which are followed by a deeper introspective look into what else To Disappear have to offer, with ‘To Be By Your Side’ and ‘Amourette’ respectively. 

Sure some of the lyrical content of this EP is difficult to understand at times, but I put that down to a Spanish vocalist, who for all I know could be singing some of the verses in Spanish. But I won’t let my ignorance wane my opinion of the band, afterall I can only understand 50% of what Foals have to say on 'Total Life Forever’, and that has to be one of my favourite LP’s of all time. And for me To Disappear have that same ability to lose you in their music, they let you appreciate how music can take you to places nothing else can.

'Into' is available right now, released independently by the band themselves. Download it for free on their website and say hello to them on facebook.

TBC by To Disappear