Technology Review : Hed Kandi - Discotheque Headphones

Better known for their dance compilations and global live music events, you may not know that UK based company Hed Kandi also now do headphones. They have kindly sent over a pair of their brand new range of 'Discotheque Headphones' for us to check out.

As you would expect with a brand who is known for their strong visual design image there is a wide selection of colours available. You can also choose between either the standard earphones, or what seems to be the latest fashion trend at the moment, the large over the ear can style headphones (of which this review will concentrate upon as that's what we were sent).

Our pair was predominantly turquoise in colour, albeit the headphones cable was bright pink, something which might not quite transcend both male and female consumers. However the range does come in both black and white so there's certainly choice for everyone. They are fairly lightweight and the soft finish around the ear cups means extended use is a pleasure as opposed to a chore, which can be the case with certain brands.

Here's the important bit for any audio lover; what do they sound like. Well I found that it seemingly all depended on what type of music you were listening to. I guess that it makes sense that as purveyors of dance house music, Hed Kandi would cater towards that crowd, and that seems to be what they've done with these headphones. The bass is dominant and works well, and the centralized feeling you get seemingly puts you right in the middle of the dance floor.

However as soon you switch over to rock music the headphones seem unable to cope with guitars, drums, vocals, and bass all at once, degenerating into a fairly flat, and confusingly treble heavy sound. It's a shame as for a casual electronic fan you can't fault them.

With a retail price of £19.99 these headphones are certainly a tempting purchase, and I would advise them for those of you who are fashion conscious dance fans. However you rockers might want to stay clear for the time being until a new and improved range is released which caters for a wider spectrum of music.


  1. Cheers Jon. I'll steer clear of them then. I'll stick to my fashion-pandering, sub-woof-woofing Skullcandy Skullcrushers. The flimsy wiring is quite frankly appalling (I've had to glue and resolder mine in a couple of places) and it devours the battery when the sub is switched on (even if the MP3 player is off), but the bass is just effing unbelievable.

  2. Haha oh dear that sounds highly frustrating. The things we do for bass hey!

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you could check out our band and tell us what you think.

    Many thanks,
    Emilia Marie and Russie Travis

  4. it really sucks. The look and name of the item is very catchy, and I like the sound. but it's very tight and it hurts if you use i for a long time. then after 5 months of not using it, I opened it again and there were some sticky stuff on the ear buds. I tried to remove then using wet wipes but it got worse. not good


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