New Stuff

So i've finished university for good now, so that will hopefully mean i'll be able to update this wonderful music blog a bit more reguarly. Anyway on with the music...

Heard a few tracks from the new From Autumn To Ashes album entitled "Holding A Wolf By The Ears". Sounds pretty brutal to be honest! Listen to the opening track "Deth Kult Social Club" and you'll get the idea.

The new Funeral For A Friend album "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" is equally impressive from the brief listen ive had of the album. The single out at the moment is called "Into Oblivion (Reunion) is pretty much similar stuff to what they had with "Hours" but the band sound more mature this time. Looking forward to giving it some proper attention when i get the whole album.

Other Tracks that i'm enjoying at the moment:

Anything by Deerhoof
Goose - Modern Vision
Kaiser Chiefs - Heat Dies Down
Rhythmicru - Instinct To Hustle
Shy Child - Technicrats