Featured Artist : Dufraine

Based out of Swansea, Wales come Rock and Roll supremo's Dufraine. Following this band couldn't be any easier, simply take your first name and add Dufraine as a surname. Hence i become Sid Dufraine, joining Tom, Jimi, and Jack Dufraine in the band. But enough of this sillyness, lets get down to the music.

The bands newest cut "Ditto" grabbed me straight away as being something fresh and exciting that could help ignite an often stagnant British rock scene. The tracks kicks in with some frenetic drumming and head nodding guitar licks, alongside the repetitive chant of "Ditto!". From here its taken down to an ultra cool level for a second or two before once again being revamped in both attitude and tempo. This is pretty much the pattern for this track, lots of time and tempo changes, with different styles and ideas being thrown in all over the place. Comparisons could be made with anyone from Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Rocket From The Crypt, Led Zeppelin, and The Datsuns alongside many more.

It would be interesting to see what direction Dufraine could take on an album, with so many influences it could be difficult for them to forge their own unique sound. However this is an exciting young British band who deserves your attention, and will no doubt be very entertaining live, so head to their myspace and say hello!


  1. simone chambers11 June 2009 at 02:15

    love this find.wicked track and band. retro soul but completely fresh new sound...energy plus.punk punk punk x might do a little write up on these myself.
    live in liverpool though, booo. but might be worth a group trip with the girleees down wales to see these guys live.
    :)xxx simone chambers

  2. fuck...fair doo's, this band are amazing. get um to come to london.
    great find mate.

  3. have heard some of their song...it sounds really good..:)


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