Monday, 29 June 2009

New Music : Aquasky Mixtape

Aquasky have been on my radar for the last couple of years, mainly for some awesome underground breakbeat and dub tunes that came my way. Now their back with a brand new mix, taking a new approach featuring more mainstream bass artists. As such this wicked collection features amongst others; The Count and Sinden, Andy George, Caspa, and Joker. Aswell as showcasing some of Aquasky's own material.

Props to Spread The Noise for the heads up on this!


1 ‘Took the Night’ (Detboi Night remix) – Chelley
2 ‘Dirty Bass’ – Jackamo
3 ‘You Know We Do It Big’ – Aquasky & SliPZ & DaPZ (forthcoming on Passenger)
4 ‘In Da VIP’ (Project Bassline Dub mix) – Wideboys and Majestic
5 ‘Soundboy Massive’ (Herve & Detboi) – Machines Dont Care
6 ‘Outta Control’ – Aquasky & Sporty-O (forthcoming on Passenger)
7 ‘Hardcore Girls’ (Project Bassline instrumental remix) – The Count & Sinden
8 ‘18 Years’ – Jonny L and Horx
9 ‘Ready For War’ – Tonka
10 ‘Check The Blast’ – Black Noise
11 ‘Lush’ (Herve’s Tree & Leaf remix) – Orbital
12 ‘Fuck Work’ (Andy George remix) – Cubic Zirconia
13 ‘You A Star’ – Aquasky & Goldmouf (forthcoming on Passenger)
14 ‘You A Star’ (VIP) – HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz
15 ‘3Klane’ (Dubble Step edit) – Joker & Jakes
16 ‘Where’s My Money’ (Dubble Step edit) – TC & Caspa
17 ‘Wheel It’ – Tonka
18 ‘Handbagger’ (Baobinga remix) edit – ID

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Single Review : Great Northern - Houses

When choosing which singles to review, it’s more than a little tempting to pick those that are rather good or conversely, rather awful. It’s just as easy to lampoon the dire as it is to wax lyrical about tunes that have a certain magical something about them. However, Californian three piece Great Northern might have come up with a tune that could frankly, be either.

First the bad. The single ‘Houses’ is bog-standard, American, guitar-driven rock. It might start fantastically with a gothic, bass-thumping intro which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Depeche Mode or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry record, but it descends quickly from there. Enter doubled up vocals (female if you’re asking) accompanied by that annoying call and response cliché that sounds like someone singing through a bloody telephone. Half a minute later, in booms the chorus confirming, like every pop song from America for the last decade, that it’s dripping in over-production. I swear this could be a Kelly Clarkson record.

In the words of their myspace they sound like “your crazy uncle locked in a room with a robot and a marathon runner”. Right. The thing is, to me this record sounds like the closing track of an American teen drama played by a prom band; I can imagine Lindsay Lohan miming to the “it’s not real, it’s not real” chorus. Perhaps then, it’s no surprise that the driving force behind the band is former ‘30 Seconds From Mars’ guitarist Solon Bixler.

So the good? Well, this single should be awful but it isn’t. Somewhere along the line it manages to draw you in against your will; the poppy chorus is almost hypnotic. The phrase “guilty pleasure” was coined in music to describe songs like this. It’s a bit like Nickelback’sHow You Remind Me': Overblown, over-polished nonsense that you can’t help but enjoy. In fairness, from what I’ve heard, this is the most out and out formulaic tune ‘Great Northern’ have, perhaps illustrating they are a band worth investigating after all.

Nonetheless, does this single break any boundaries? No. Is it cliché ridden and obvious? Yes. But is it good? Well, probably.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Featured Artist : Dufraine

Based out of Swansea, Wales come Rock and Roll supremo's Dufraine. Following this band couldn't be any easier, simply take your first name and add Dufraine as a surname. Hence i become Sid Dufraine, joining Tom, Jimi, and Jack Dufraine in the band. But enough of this sillyness, lets get down to the music.

The bands newest cut "Ditto" grabbed me straight away as being something fresh and exciting that could help ignite an often stagnant British rock scene. The tracks kicks in with some frenetic drumming and head nodding guitar licks, alongside the repetitive chant of "Ditto!". From here its taken down to an ultra cool level for a second or two before once again being revamped in both attitude and tempo. This is pretty much the pattern for this track, lots of time and tempo changes, with different styles and ideas being thrown in all over the place. Comparisons could be made with anyone from Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Rocket From The Crypt, Led Zeppelin, and The Datsuns alongside many more.

It would be interesting to see what direction Dufraine could take on an album, with so many influences it could be difficult for them to forge their own unique sound. However this is an exciting young British band who deserves your attention, and will no doubt be very entertaining live, so head to their myspace and say hello!

Friday, 5 June 2009

New Music : Killa Kela (Dave Spoon Remix) / Emma / Foxes!

One of the hottest new artists in the electro rock field is Killa Kela. His debut single "Built Like An Amplifier" will be released June 29th, with his full length album "Amplified" out at the tail end of the Summer. There are clear comparisons with The Prodigy, Does It Offend You Yeah? and Hadouken with his music, with plenty of mashed up guitars with beats and beatbox style vocals thrown all over the place. Check out this heavy Dave Spoon remix which gives the track a harder edge and faster beat. Killa Kela Myspace

A while ago we featured a track by Leg No which features vocals from Emma, well this time she is back with some tracks of his own. She has recently put out "Emma Not" on vinyl with "Couch Potato" as a b side. Her music is stripped down, with a heavy chugging bassline accompanied by Emma's low-fi vocals which are difficult to ignore or not get swayed by. I think it's pretty interesting music, fusing Bjork like vocals with Santogold or MIA beats. Emma Myspace

One of the most consistent labels out there, CatCutter Records, has once again delivered by putting out Foxes! new single "Who Killed Rob?". They have kindly allowed us to host the b side to that single "Albania". It is a delightful song that is instantly likeable as soon as Kayla Bell's vocals hit your ears. The music is joyful yet powerful, and given great depth with the dual male/female vocals from Kayla and Adam Bell. The single is out this week so check that out as well as this wicked b side. Foxes! myspace