Single Review : Clock Opera - A Piece Of String

I might as well start by saying that this indie-electronica mash-up quartet became my new favourite band after just the first listen of their new track 'A Piece Of String.' Brilliant does not even begin the describe how good this song is…

Ok, now for a bit of background. Clock Opera began as a moniker for Guy Connelly, the frontman and founder who started out in bands The Corrections and The Fall Out Trust. More recently completed by Andy, Dan and Che, Clock Opera are certainly now a full band, a point Connelly seems to have struggled to convey, and they have just come off the back of a high profile support slot for Marina And The Diamonds.

Clock Opera refer to themselves as a "chop pop" band (a self-penned term that I'm sure they'll end up regretting) due to their rather unique way of constructing their finished product. Initially, the band play and sing their song, just like any other indie band, but then they go back and "chop" up the track into segments, including the vocals/lyrics, and reconstruct the segments into a different order, often adding in bleeping samples.

'A Piece Of String' is Clock Opera's second official single, following 'White Noise', and it’s the greatest single I have heard all year. Synths and guitars crash around a dreamy, albeit erratic, little mandolin sample, with only Guy's warm vocals reining everything in. One gets the impression that if it wasn't for the flow of the frontman's vocals all the electronica and indie guitars would simply spiral out of control. There is a Klaxons nu-rave edge to the vocal harmonies and chunky synths, but more suitable comparisons would be Flying Lotus, Autechre and Thom Yorke. Imagine if FlyLo decided to make an indie-pop crossover song and you might begin the grasp what level of genius Clock Opera are playing with. Never before have I heard a band successfully achieve this high level of experimentation while retaining such a pop accessibility.