Single Review : Pale Seas - Something Or Nothing

Pale Seas (formerly Netherlands) are a five-piece who were born in Southampton, but are now based in London, and will soon be releasing their debut EP 'Places To Haunt'. Expectations are high with productions duties coming from the duo of Jimmy Robertson and Demien Castellanos (of Anna Calvi, Big Pink, and Florence & the Machine fame). A taster of the EP can be found on the band's website.

Ahead of that record however comes the single 'Something or Nothing'.

Beginning with some fluttering wind chimes and muted guitars, the track gently floats into pop/folk motion with the vocals of Jacob Scotts. His voice is delicate and vulnerable and fits the tender music just perfectly. If you don't end up swaying along to this one then you've got serious balance issues. The harmonies are infectious, and repeated listens only further the addiction your bound to get with this band and their sound.

Catch them supporting Big Deal on 7th September at Tamesis Dock in London. // Netherlands

Netherlands - Something Or Nothing by Netherlands