Monday, 24 September 2012


Negative Pegasus, or “Neg Peg” as fans should, and most probably are, calling them are three mad scientists from Brighton, mixing together the phatest, scariest beats you’ll hear this side of the English channel. And like the Frankensteinian monster it is, debut album ‘Looming’ wanders around, clumsy and aimless, smashing the shit out of anything in its path; mostly, your ears.

It’s a giant of a record; greater than the sum of its rackety and screeching parts, greater even than the crazy trio that fused it all together in a seaside lab full of smoking, bubbling liquids in glass beakers. The twisting, rich guitar riffs dance around horrendously huge staccato rhythms in some kind of punk / dance insanity that that gives zero fucks to what genre it may or may not fit into, whilst echo-drenched vocals occasionally wail out between the ensuing carnage. 

Forget hyperbole, this record is genius. Here are some adjectives that are literally being extracted from my head upon listening: Fuck off tonal slabs / Monolithic chunks of analogue blasts / Raw and primal grooves / Rhythmic sucker-punches of distortion / Sonic angularities / Guttural guitar barks / Psychedelic vocal wails / Swaggering stuttery monstrosities / Gargantuan tanks of noise / Red raw strips of vulgar howls / Propulsive instrumentals / Unadulterated guitar riffage / Screaming seas of feedback / Manic explosions of sound / spiky and haunting guitar echos / growling rumbles of square shaped frequencies / ominous and dronal pomposities… 

Look, whatever, it’s stunning. Words are limited, music is infinite and this is one of the most exciting records in years. It it self indulgent? Yes. Is it inaccessible? Most probably. Is it genius? No doubt. Think Holy Fuck. Think Sleigh Bells. Think World’s End Girlfriend. Think about every electro-punk-rock crossover that you’ve had the displeasure of hearing and then listen to an entire genre being saved by an epic, breath of fresh air that is this album. Inspired, passionate, adventurous and uncompromising, music really doesn't get much better than this. 

The aptly named ‘Looming’ will be released by Small Town America, home of some of the best guitar bands of recent years, on 24th September 2012. It is highly advised you buy it.

Buy Album / Negative Pegasus / Small Town America

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


If Laura Welsh turned our heads earlier this year with the introduction of her debut track 'Ghosts', then she's making us do cartwheels now with not one but two brand new tracks, 'Call To Arms', and 'Hollow Drum'.

Both tracks show off her remarkable voice, which really does need to be heard, any words I could write will never do it justice. While the music itself is sparse but perfectly arranged. Little is known about her at this stage, but if the quality of tracks released so far is anything to go by then that won't last for long.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


At just 16 years of age, Scottish lass Cara Mitchell could be forgiven for filling her young mind with many different thoughts, from aspirations for the future, ideas of discovery, or just deciding whether or not it's possible to fit another episode of 'Hollyoaks' into a busy night of television viewing (ED: Young people still watch Hollyoaks right?). And whilst she may indeed spend her time contemplating such things, she has also managed to fit into her schedule the writing and recording of her debut EP 'Have You Ever Wondered'.

Released through AGP on September 23rd, the four-track record begins with the title track 'Have You Ever Wondered', a truly simple yet glorious folk song, which introduces Cara's delicate vocals and her obvious ear for space within her music. 'Passing Sun' furthers the strength of her infectious vocals, but it is the combination of her excellent hard/soft acoustic guitar which enhances the poignancy of the lyrics she's singing. 
'Next October' shows a greater depth to her voice, which should only get better as she gets older, albeit she might lose that quirky daintiness which comes from being so young. The EP closes with 'Little Birdies', another perfectly formed track which introduces yet another style of singing from Cara, which is more jaunty and direct helping to put you in the moment, where if you close your eyes you really could imagine walking through a forest, with the sun shining, and the birds singing. Bliss.

Cara Mitchell's debut EP 'Have You Ever Wondered' does more than just show much promise, it actually delivers straight off the bat. Never has the 'maturity beyond her years' tag appeared more deservedly on  Music Liberation

You can catch Cara supporting Esperi during their UK tour during September/October. // Pre-Order EP // Cara Mitchell

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Samoans are a three-piece from Cardiff in Wales that have been on my personal radar since 2009-ish when I caught them playing the infamous Clwb Ifor Bach in the Welsh capital. Their style of math-rock inspired guitar music caught my attention straight away and I've been following them ever since.

It has been somewhat of a wait then until 'Elevated Reflections', their debut EP to come out, however the wait has been more than worth it. Frontman Dan Barnett is not only a decent singer with a great vocal range, but also an excellent guitar player, with his riffs and fret tapping (if that's the right phrase...) being hard to not get transfixed by. The music is melodic, heavy in parts, but also tender too, with the standout track being 'Catamaran'. 

Having recently played the Introducing Stage at the Reading and Leeds Festival, Samoans are hopefully poised for bigger and better things to come in the future, starting with the release of this strong EP, which is out now through Barely Regal Records.

Purchase 'Elevated Reflections' directly from Samoans Bandcamp // Samoans