UK Blog Sound Of 2014 Winners - Banks and Marika Hackman

The results of the UK Blog Sound Of 2014 are in, and this year there are joint winners, Banks, and Marika Hackman (one of Music Liberation's favs no less!). Third place was singer songwriter Sivu. The original shortlist of 16 can be found here.

The UK Blog Sound of 2014 is a poll of 59 UK based music bloggers. It asked them to each vote for their three favourite emerging artists. This is the third year the poll has taken place and for the first time two artists have tied for equal first place, each receiving an identical number of votes.

Marika Hackman is a British solo musician who writes haunting and captivating songs that feature her ethereal vocals and instrumentation that that has been pigeonholed as folk but often offers much more. She was the 8th most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013.

Banks is an American musician who makes sultry modern sounding electronic R & B influenced pop. She was the 9th most blogged artist by UK based Hype Machine listed bloggers in 2013.

The blogs that took part in the voting were:


  1. I have to say I really like Marika's voice and I'll be definitely buying the new album.

  2. I agree, her voice is magical! I somehow get reminded of coldplay lyrics when listening to her songs, but then with a female body to it. I can't wait for the next album, tanks for the post!


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