Pins are an all female rock quadruple who formed in Manchester in 2011. The group consists of singer/guitarist Faith Holgate, guitarist Lois McDonald, bassist Anna Donigan, and drummer Sophie Galpin. The band combine the heavy toned voice of Holgate, with sharp beats, neat guitar riffs, and pounding drum beats. They run their own record label named Haus Of Pins, yet both their debut album ‘Girls Like Us’ (2013), and their latest album 'Wild Nights' have been released through Bella Union. Pins have done several small venue tours around the UK, and recently got a breakthrough in supporting Sleater Kinney on the UK leg of their world tour.

Wild Nights was released earlier this year in June and is comprised of 11 songs with a range of reflective song titles including ‘Young Girls’, ‘Curse These Dreams’ and ‘If Only’.

With an uncompromising bass line, and a ‘foot tapping’ guitar line, ‘Curse These Dreams’ is one of the most upbeat tracks on the record, despite its differential lyrics. The track has a repetitive catchy feel, and makes for a good listen.

If Only’ combines Holgate’s heady, deep vocals and Galpin’s mix of heavy and soft beats to portray the struggle which we all go through to gain the equal positions which we must have in this society, and also the struggle in which we have to find ourselves. "Most of the time, I feel wrong, like I am no-one" is a lyric which defines the true message of the song, and perhaps is also highlighting the struggle of women; as being an all female group, one would believe that they do have some feminist views.

Wild Nights is a album jam packed with covert messages, a record that is very much mirrored from Pins’ 1960s rock scene influences. Each track has a different sound entirely, making for a range of reactions. The album art, in all of its simplicity is aesthetically pleasing and links well to the bands’ indie rock genre. 10/10 stars!