Bullet For My Valentine + Arctic Monkeys

Just learnt that Bullet For My Valentine will be supporting Metallica for their show at the new Wembley stadium on 8th July. Thats pretty awesome news for the boyos from Wales, to not only be supporting Hetfield and Co. but to also be playing Wembley is pretty wicked and reward for their hard work in recent months putting the new album together, which I think is out this year so i am eagerly awaiting that.


I have heard and now own a copy of the new Arctic Monkeys song - "Brianstorm" from the forthcoming album "Favourite Worst Nightmare" which is released on the 23rd of April. It's cool, pretty much as you'd expect from them, with the wicked guitar work and vocals. Its got a real punchy feel to it, especially near the end of the song where you think the song has ended but it cuts back in with a venom. Very good.