Enter Shikari and Machine Head

Bought the new Enter Shikari album "Take To The Skies" today. and it is good.

Nice mix of hardcore metal and kind of rave type samples and beats.

Stand out tracks so far are Mothership, Return To Energiser, and Ok, Time for plan B.

The band have been announced as playing on the Radio 1/NME stage at this years Reading and Leeds festivals, which is pretty cool.

The new Machine Head album "The Blackening" has been
receiving rave reviews, so i think im gonna get that as soon as ive got enough money. Ive heard the track "Aesthetics of Hate" from the album which was brutal, so cant wait to hear it in full . Apparently out of the 8 songs on the album, only one is under 5 minutes which is pretty mental. Seems like Flynn and boys will be right up there with the likes of Chimaira and Lamb Of God, which is definatly where they belong.

Tracks that ive found lately or rediscovered that are making me move are -
The Virgins - Rich Girls
The Vines - Get Free
Switches - Drama Queen
The Resistors - Defaulter
Refused - New Noise


  1. the blackening is awesome! think you'll agree with me by now! :D


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