Carling Reading and Leeds Festival 2007

Once again another Reading and Leeds festival passes by without my attendance. Ever since I knew what good music was i've wanted to go, but each year it just never seems to happen. But after viewing some of the outstanding performances this year, i'm even more determined to attend.
However for now you'll have to do with my review of the festival through watching highlights courtesy of BBC Radio 1.

There were SO many great bands at the festival this year, which meant there were many good sets, however the following bands in my opinion gave really inspired performances, who really took things to the next level, and completely owned the stage.
LOSTPROPHETS : Since releasing third album "Liberation Transmission", LP have developed a stage presence and sound that has truly taken them above their piers. The standout track was "Burn Burn" which really got the crowd moving. View their set highlights HERE

THE HORRORS : I thought The Horrors were excellent. The keyboardist was crazy, his eyes were mentally bright eyed. The band put on a confident display, and played with a good degree of attitude. Definately going to give their album another listen. Standout track was "Count In Fives". View their set highlights HERE

THE KLAXONS : Not that they would admit it, but for me The Klaxons would have felt some pressure to deliver at this years festival. The hype machine has been working overtime over the past year. But to their credit they put on an excellent display. Looking forward to hearing some new material. Standout track was "Magick"
View their set highlights

ENTER SHIKARI : For me, Enter Shikari put on the performance of the festival. Their whole set was full of energy, and that really relayed to the crowd who were going crazy. The combination of dance beats and synths with heavy guitars and drums, mixed with the dual vocals, really came alive on stage. It was inspiring stuff. Standout track was "Sorry You're Not A Winner" Checkout their set highlights HERE

For highlights of other bands that played at the festival then please go HERE.



  1. Love the banner and love the layout! Lots of interesting posts and tons of info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Wow. The video of enter shikari looked amazing, wish I was there!


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