Single Review - David Ford

Today i'm reviewing the latest single i've been sent from the lovely people at Independiente Records (Home to Travis, Embrace, and Gomez amongst others).

The track is called "Go To Hell" and comes from British based singer/songwriter, David Ford.

David Ford is a Singer/Songwriter from Kent, in the UK. Before becoming a solo artist, he was the frontman for an Indie band called Easyworld, who released two full length albums before splitting up in 2004. Since that point he has extensively toured the UK, ranging from small intimate shows to supporting bands such as Starsailor, and even his own sold out headline tour. That was in support of his critically acclaimed debut album "I Sincerly Apoligize For All The Trouble I've Caused".

After touring and releasing that album in the UK, Ford turned his attention to the US. The album received excellent reviews in magazines such as Rolling Stone and Variety, and he supported artists such as Richard Ashcroft and Ray Lamontagne.

This brings us to 2007, and the release of his new album, titled "Songs For The Road".

Single Review - "Go To Hell"
This is the opening track from the new album, and is clearly a statement of intent. It is lyrically aggressive towards himself, deeply emotional, and very powerful stuff. The track starts slow and quickly moves through the gears as more elements are added. Each time you listen to it you pick up on something new, a particuarly attractive element for music listeners.

What really stands out on this track compared to Ford's previous releases is the production. Everything sounds so powerful, you can really hear each element within the music. Ford himself recognised this difference between his releases, stating that "My first album was basically bedroom demos with ideas way above their station, this one sounds more like a record.” He enlisted the help of producers James Brown, Kevin Bacon, and Jonathan Quarmby to acheive the sound he wanted, and its definatley lifted him to a new position.

The single "Go To Hell" is out now. The new album "Songs For The Road" is released on Independiente Records on the 15th of October 2007. But you can download the album by going HERE

He will be on tour in the UK during October to support the release of the album, you can check the dates by going to his MYSPACE.

DOWNLOAD: DAVID FORD - GO TO HELL (alternative link)


  1. Sounds really good! Hadn't listened to him before...

  2. David Ford is an awsum musician, He's inspired my music no end, can't wait for his next album!! - The music - Buy the music


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