New Wave Of Music #6

Here's the next installment of wicked new music i've heard recently.

Category: Rock/Punk/Alternative
Info: From forthcoming new album.
Label: Fantastic Plastic Records
Comment: Feisty new material from the north east.

MP3: Operator Please - Ghost
Category: Rock/Pop/Punk
Info: Taken from forthcoming album "Yes Yes Vindictive".
Label: Brille Records
Comment: Sooo talented at such a young age.More:

MP3: Crystal Castles - Xxzxcuze Me
Category: Electro/Indie/Noise
Info: B-side to "Crimewaves" single.
Label: Lang Gang Records
Comment: Insanely brilliant. Keep listening to it.

MP3: Laura Marling - Night Terror
Category: Acoustic/Folk/Pop
Info: Taken from "My Manic and I" E.P.
Label: Virgin
Comment: Another good song from the impressive young singer.
MP3: El Policia - You Love Me Too
Category: Rock/Punk
Info: No releases planned as yet.
Label: Unsigned
Comment: Brilliant new young band from Manchester, keep an eye on these boys!

MP3: Plajia - Dummy
Category: Chill/Rock/Acoustic
Info: Taken from album "Beautiful Explosion" (2007)
Label: Orange Music
Comment: Cleverly intricate chilled out music.


  1. hi there, just wanted to point out that the futureheads are no longer on 679 as you stated - they parted company with them last year and the new album will be released through their own label.


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