New Wave Of Music #7

Season greetings! Sorry about the problems with downloads at the moment, you guys seem to love eating up my bandwidth! Which I guess means I'm doing something right.
I'm using YSI for this post, which should allow enough time for my usual hosts bandwidth to reset. Which will be nice...
Category: Rock
Info: New Single Taken from "Era Vulgaris" (2007).
Label: Polydor
Comment: Awesomely chilled out track.

MP3: Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker
Category: Rock/Indie
Info: Single released this week.
Label: Domino
Comment: Another solid track taken from album "Favourite Worst Nightmare" (2007).

MP3: Bloc Party - Flux (Radio 1 Rip)
Category: Indie/Electronica
Info: Taken from album "Weekend In The City" (2007).
Label: Wichita
Comment: New direction for BP, think it works well.

MP3: Revenue - Petrolbombs and Riots
Category: Rock/Punk
Info: Taken from self-titled E.P.
Label: Unsigned
Comment: From Channel 4's mobileact, I really think this band have got it.

MP3: Friendly Fires - Paris

Category: Electronica/Indie/Pop
Info: Single released 10/12/07
Label: Moshi Moshi
Comment: Wicked track, its got a great vibe.

MP3: !!! - Yadnus
Category: Electronica/Indie/Funk
Info: Taken from album "Myth Takes" (2007).
Label: Vital
Comment: Uber cool track out of New York City.


  1. Yeah your band proposals are really great. I ve got to know some bands I ve never here about before. Keep it up!


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