Nirvana - In Utero

Ever since I first seriously got into listening to music, I've always been a fan of Nirvana. I must have been about 13 when I saw the video for "Smells Like Teen Spirit", I remember soon after that I got the "Nevermind" album on cassette, and there began my love for all things Nirvana. I guess everyone has their Nirvana moment, thats the impact that this band had, and still have on music today.

However due to many reasons, it has not been until recently that I have purchased what came to be the bands final LP, "In Utero".

Released in 1993 on Sub Pop Records, this third Nirvana album was an aggressive reaction to the fame and applauds that the previous album "Nevermind" had brought them. The songs are self depricating and highly critical of the position that fame brings you. It is exactly the album that Kurt Cobain wanted and needed to write.

As well as employing the trademark "Seattle" sound of quiet and loud elements, the album contains some of the best songwriting seen, and demonstrates the true genius of Cobain. The music is in your face, loud and obnoxious, its really rocking.

However despite the heavier elements, there are still some real mellow moments. And I think that this is the direction that the band were heading, particuarly from watching them play that infamous MTV show, which has recently been released on dvd.

For me, this album is by far the best that Nirvana released and is one of the best albums of all time.

Check out the tracks below and let me know your thoughts!

MP3: Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

MP3: Nirvana - Milk It


  1. Yep. I'm with you. Best track is "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge..." but closely followed by the simplicity of "Very Ape".


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