Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Wave Of Music #6

Here's the next installment of wicked new music i've heard recently.

Category: Rock/Punk/Alternative
Info: From forthcoming new album.
Label: Fantastic Plastic Records
Comment: Feisty new material from the north east.

MP3: Operator Please - Ghost
Category: Rock/Pop/Punk
Info: Taken from forthcoming album "Yes Yes Vindictive".
Label: Brille Records
Comment: Sooo talented at such a young age.More:http://www.operatorpleaseband.com/

MP3: Crystal Castles - Xxzxcuze Me
Category: Electro/Indie/Noise
Info: B-side to "Crimewaves" single.
Label: Lang Gang Records
Comment: Insanely brilliant. Keep listening to it.
More: www.myspace.com/crystalcastles

MP3: Laura Marling - Night Terror
Category: Acoustic/Folk/Pop
Info: Taken from "My Manic and I" E.P.
Label: Virgin
Comment: Another good song from the impressive young singer.
More: http://www.lauramarling.com/
MP3: El Policia - You Love Me Too
Category: Rock/Punk
Info: No releases planned as yet.
Label: Unsigned
Comment: Brilliant new young band from Manchester, keep an eye on these boys!
More: www.myspace.com/elpolicia

MP3: Plajia - Dummy
Category: Chill/Rock/Acoustic
Info: Taken from album "Beautiful Explosion" (2007)
Label: Orange Music
Comment: Cleverly intricate chilled out music.
More: www.myspace.com/plajia

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Special Guest : Craig Duranti

First up for me is my current favourite band, Late of the Pier. I openly admit it doesnt take me very long to be completely in love with a new band, and this group of lads are no different. Hailing from Castle Donnington, there is some serious hype surrounding this lot (they are averaging 800 myspace plays a day), and they have some good people behind them too. Erol Alkan is producing the debut album, and this heavy slab of indie-electro goodness is out now on Moshi Moshi: (Ed: I've blogged this before but it is bloody good)

I saw this next lady at Sheperds Bush in London last week and thoroughly enjoyed my evening. Lets just say she got some mixed reviews in the press, but I think that Kate Nash makes simple yet interesting pop music and she is an immensely talented musician. This is my favourite track from 'Made Of Bricks':

Clubbing Wise there are two massive events coming up in the next 8 days! At the time of writing there are 24 hours to go to the Annie Mac presents night in at the warehouse project in Manchester. The line is up ridiculously good, if you haven't got a ticket look away now....!

Erol Alkan
Bonde De Role (Live)
Chromeo (Live)
Annie Mac
Kissy Sell Out
Sinden + The Count Of Monte Cristal

This bit of jacking hip-house is out now on Counterfeet and comes from two of the hottest producers in the scene right now:

And if that wasnt enough to wet the appetite a week later on Sat Dec 1st is the Modular records party @ Turnmills in London! The line up includes:

Buraka Som Sistema
Sinden + The Count Of Monte Cristal
The Mighty Boosh (DJ Set)
The Horrors (DJ Set)
Spank Rock

I've been hammering this in my DJ Sets recently and its worth picking it up if you haven't already:

Finally, this is the new video from Blood Red Shoes. After declaring Late Of The Pier as my new favourite band, I'm going to save my love for these two for a future post!

I'm DJ-ing quite alot in December, please come out and show some love!

Craig Duranti

Friday, 23 November 2007

Remix your brain

Hello! I am back after a very long absense. Apologies for that. But i'm back now and ready to write about the awesome new music that is around, aswell as band and album reviews, guest writer Craig Duranti will be letting you all know what he's been spinning lately, and also we hope to have an interview with the excellent Moving Units.

Todays post is about the world of Remixes.

For me, remixes can be spilt into two pots. You have the songs which are aren't too well known, maybe album tracks, or singles which failed to make an impression, which are then given a new lick of paint, to build upon the original ideas but also give a new slant. Then you have the remixes of well known songs, which have enjoyed good commercial success, or cult following. The priniciple is the same, the original track is altered and combined with a new vision.

It is with this second group of remixes that I struggle with. Take a song such as "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix, an absolute classic. Now two artists that I am very much a fan of have remixed this song. Originally Speaker Junk put their slant on the song, and then Switch took that version and remixed it further. I quite liked the SJ mix, but when Switch took over it just seemed to get too much and mess around with the orginal record far too much for my liking.

Whereas a track such as "Flex" by Dizzee Rascal, which has been remixed by Dave Spoon, for me really works. It takes a track which isnt yet too well known, and really gives it new ideas and pushes it further into what for me, is one of my favorite tracks of the year.

I think there's a fine balance between choosing a song to remix, it needs to be familiar to work, but picking a classic track is quite dangerous and only a few will make it.

Check out the tracks below and let me know your thoughts.

Monday, 12 November 2007


Hey guys, sorry for the complete lack of updates recently. Unfortunatley my internet is down and so therefore im unable to post. Hopefully it won't be for too much longer! Cheers, Sid.