Two brand spanking new podcasts for you to check out!

First up is the
CHASE THE DISCO podcast which is produced and presented by Music Liberation's special guest writer, Craig Duranti.
Mr Duranti explains how Chase The Disco "Loves Electronic music in all forms, whether it be House, Drum and Bass, Electro OR Dubstep. We also have a soft spot for Indie, Hip-Hop and Grime. Each Month we pick an up and coming DJ/Producer who is exciting us, and give them 20 minutes to spin some tunes in the "Guest Mix". The first three artists to grace the show are Andy George, Ghettoruckus DJ's, and Jaymo. As well as all the beats, we will bring music news, run down the months coolest events and give you interviews with some very familiar faces."

I think its going to be really awesome, and you should definatley check out the first ever Chase The Disco podcast which is out tomorrow (14th March) Check out the Chase The Disco Blog or Myspace for download links and more information.

The other podcast you should check out comes from the I Am Not A Critic blog. Lee Smart who is the writer of the blog has decided to take the plunge and produce and present his first one. Its released today and its very good and well worth checking out! It features some awesome tunes from the likes of Late Of The Pier, Be Your Own Pet, and Hadouken, aswell as some humorous links from the clearly talented Mr Smart. Its going to be released every fortnight, and i'm sure each one is only going to get better and better! Check out the podcast and the blog at

And if that got you in the podcast mode, then remember to check out the first Music Liberation podcast by either downloading or streaming it using the links on the right hand side.


  1. Cheers for the feature sid, I'm on easter break now for uni, but im here on my own in the flat until my mum n dad picks me up on sunday, so I'll definately give that other podcast a good listen!

    Me and Mike are setting up a joint Podcast to run for 6 weeks once a week for the summer term after the easter break and we're gona have some bands in our uni studio for a short interview, love to know if you would come in and we could talk about all our blogs and how blogging/podcasts is changing the way people gain access to music

    Ill email you more about it over this weekend as we're still thinking of a name for it, we have the structure, it's just booking people to come in etc

    We've definately got Frank Turner to come in and very possibly Reuben, so really excited about where this could go


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