Fresh Music Report #4

Yeah i've changed the name of this post again. Why? Well since I created the Music Liberation Myspace page, i've been getting lots of requests from bands and finding even more good brand new music, so the word "email" had to be dropped as new music is now coming at me from all directions, which is wonderful!

First up this week is a brilliantly named band from Suffolk, called Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds. I first heard this band a couple of weeks ago on Mr Huw Stephens Radio 1 show, and ever since i've been hooked! The make really fun poppy rock tunes that you'd find hard to not put a smile on your face, even on a monday morning. The vocals are witty and really catchy, and the guitars and drums are pretty tight. The band released a single called "Slow Kids" earlier this month on Tired And Lonesome Records, and you'll be able to hear that track in this month Music Liberation podcast which is out on 31st March. In the mean time check out the bands myspace for details of the extensive lists of gigs their playing over the next couple of months, and also enjoy the track below.

Next is a band called The Joy Formidable who are from the UK. You may recognise one of the bands tracks "Austere" as this was used in a Skins advert for series two a few weeks ago. Pretty cool huh? Yeah well so are this band. They are very diverse, going from nice poppy dittys, to angular noise driven guitar music, which is why their myspace music type of "other/other/other" is pretty apt. The band are all about keeping things fresh, constantly remixing their own work and inviting others to do so too. Im really excited about this band, and I think big things lie in store for them over the coming months. Check their myspace for more information and details of their gig schedule.

Finally this week is the delightful Penny Broadhurst, who is a singer/songwriter based in Leeds. This lady has a lovely voice, which coupled with her sublime songwriting skills make for some pretty darn tasty folk pop indie songs. Penny states that she doesnt like music when "all the songs sound the same", something which can definatley not be labeled on her music, as each song seems to have something different going on. Penny also has other interests in music such as journalism and as a promoter, and is actually putting on her own mini festival called Pennfest in April. Its happening in both Leeds and London on April 5th and 6th, and is definatley an event you should check out. For more information on Pennfest and other Penny Broadhurst details then check out her myspace.

All of the artists in todays post will be featured in the Music Liberation Podcast for March which will be available on March 31st. If you missed the first ever podcast which came out in February then check out the links on the right. If you'd like to be involved in the next one then you can reach me at