Featured Artist : Mush No Candy

Despite only being 16, Joe James aka Mush No Candy has a seemingly full bank of musical ideas that he has been exploring for a while now. He has attracted attention from the likes of BBC Introducing and is playing at Swanfest 2009 in Ipswich. He recently sent us one of his new tracks "Suicide Disco" to try and decipher what this young man is all about and where he's going.

It begins with a sweeping low end synth which is covered with highly distorted vocals, which slowly decends into a form of dubstep. From here the pace is taken up breaking into a trancey house beat, and from here on in the track switches between these two styles. The bassline is rich and certainly drives the song, but it's the vocals that really shine and take this song up a notch or two.

The production skills on display are awesome, it's either taken a very long time to put together or it's just pure talent. I'm favouring the latter to be honest.

Mush No Candy is without doubt someone to keep your ears on during 2009.

Mush No Candy Myspace

MP3: Much No Candy - Suicide Disco


  1. Ha Ha
    i so now him
    hes liike my Bezza =]
    i love him


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