Introducing New Writer - Glyn Coulter - (New Music - BJ Block / King Khan & The Shrines / Pushboxer / Patrick Pleau)

Today is a new dawn in the life of Music Liberation, as I officially welcome a new writer on board. I've run this blog for the last two years but just felt it needed some new input and ideas, and so therefore I'm extremely delighted to welcome Glyn Coulter to the Music Liberation team.

Glyn is 22 years old and a student from Nottingham. He enjoys live music as much as recorded, from Erol Alkan and Friendly Fires, to High Contrast and Jarvis Cocker. He'll be reviewing all sorts of material, so if you want him to check out your music then get in touch -

Right it's time for Glyn to make his mark! - Sid.

MP3: BJ Block - Theme Musik
BJ Block’s
smooth sounds of the 70s are replicated in this heart warming track. Sections compare to the late great Herbie Hancock but without the crazed jazz math, this track is simple, with flowing melodies driving it without the use of a vocal line as that is simply not BJ Block’s style. A heavy reverb drum sound similar to that of do make say think makes this track somewhat distant but lively. The silky sounds created by mature synths and paisley painted beats make this track resemble theme music suited for gta vice city, but with a modern twist of a ‘Jamiroquai’ like groove.

MP3: King Khan & The Shrines – Land Of The Freak

If James Brown ever took a hit on a crack pipe, maybe this would be the result. King Khan & The Shrines have been pottering around for a while producing these funk melodies, and when this track is played through the stereo, it becomes apparent they know exactly how take this class. Cooler than a cucumber, King Khan wrap’s up an exciting and energetic 3.33 minutes of fun and vibrant funk. Plain, simple structure with a repetitive rhythm guitar this track works, and to imagine that the band plays some of their gigs in local music stores makes this track a little more manic.

MP3: Pushboxer – Pictures
When first listening to this track it strikes as familiar, however when the track ends, there seems to be an instinctive need to play it again. Straight away it is possible to predict this track as a hit. The guitar sounds constructed are picture perfect with a deep vocal sound possible of more than the average bear, completes the style comparable to the editors and white lies. So if it’s the darker side of indie that rocks your boat, give this track a blast.

MP3: Patrick Pleau – AntigĂ©nie
About three years ago a few distinctive acts appeared in the lime light using thick textured tracks drizzled with instruments which pop music forgot about. At the beginning of this track a horn runs parallel with the guitar rhythm and gives this track the characteristics of a traditional French hymn, and it’s fucking brilliant. The reality is not many people speak French and will not have the faintest idea with regards to the lyrical content. Interpret how you like but this simple soft, joyful melody is easy listening guarantied to put a smile on your face.


  1. King Khan is MEGA. I don't think any of their stuff is still in print though.


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