New Music : 2020 Soundsystem / Juice Aleem / KiD COLA / Wheedle's Groove

2020 Soundsystem are best known for their live performances, effectively showcasing their powerful electronic music on a mass scale in front of live audiences, which in todays laptop loving DJ world gives them an edge. This year see's the release of their 2nd album "Falling" through their 2020 Vision label. Taken from that album is "Satellite" which is a typically dark, brooding track which drives along with much vigour and power, thanks in part to a strong bassline, spacey guitars and vocals, and almost 80's drumbeat. 2020 Soundsystem

His reputation preceeds him, having worked with Adam Freeland, Evil 9, and countless others, so the pressure is on MC Juice Aleem for his debut release. Fortunatley from what i've heard so far he's not let us down. Opening single "First Lesson" is a hard hitting track, with Juice Aleem laying down or more like smashing down his vocals over a sick dubstep beat. The album titled "Jerusalaam Come" is out now on Big Dada records. Juice Aleem

We were one of the first blogs to get behind UK DJ and producer KiD COLA late last year when he burst onto the scene with his Secret Machines remix. Since then he's had major radio play from Jaymo and Andy George, as well as Kissy Sellout, supporting that with some big time gigs in London town. This new remix showcases what he does best, a big bouncy bassline, but this time he gives us a different angle with a slightly more melodic feel which is in keeping with the current crop of disco tunes being released. KiD COLA

If your in need of some slick funky cool as fuck soul music, brought to you by a band whose members mostly exceed 60 years of age, then you've got to check out Wheedle's Groove. "H.O.E" has such a laid back beat, its very much old school hip hop, with James Brown esq vocals which is really refreshing. The band have a new album out through Light In The Attic on September 8th called "Kearney Barton". Wheedle's Groove

Finally i'd like to say sorry for the lack of updates this Summer on Music Liberation. This has in part been due to me basically being a bit lazy, the cricket being on, football season starting again, and my new found passion for cycling. I've actually been in training for a charity cycle trip i'm doing from Reading to Chepstow in September in support of Motor Neurone Disease. (You can find out more here and follow my progress on twitter). Anyway as the Summer draws to a close i'm going to make sure i'm more active and update the blog more often.


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