New Music (Dubstep Special) : Kitch 'n Sync / Joker / King Cannibal

Kitch n' Sync are a duo based in London, who have recently started turning heads with several big tunes across various genres. "All Bless" is a dubstep monster with a dirty bassline and wicked MC-ish vocals. Their debut EP "Shack Out/Pink" is now out on Electric Sushi Records. Kitch n' Sync

This original track from The Heavy is taken from their forthcoming album "The House That Dirt Built", which is released through Counter Records on 5th October. Hailing from Bristol, Joker has been at the forefront of the Dubstep movement, and has turned this track into a stormer, effectively chopping the vocals with a huge bassline and samples. The Heavy / Joker

This is a slightly mellower and chilled out take on Dub, and I think it really works well. King Cannibal (Dylan Richards) has been propped by Radio 1 Dubstep queen Mary-Anne Hobbs, so i'm sure big things will happen for him when his album "Let The Night Roar" drops on Ninja Tune on 12th October. King Cannibal