New Music : Ellie Goulding (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Tipped by various scenesters to be rather doing well in 2010, Hereford's Ellie Goulding has taken the blogging world by storm in recent weeks with her latest track "Under The Sheets". Whilst the original version is pretty cool, it's the various remixes which have propelled the young starlet onto the radar of many of the top blogs and critic types around the world. Her voice is incredibly infectious, and fits perfectly over the floaty Little Boots esq pop electro beats.

Personally I'm really into the Jakwob remix, which turns the track into a solid dubstep banger, as well as the track we are posting below from one of our favourite producers this year Kids At The Bar. They have upped the tempo and turned it into a juicy house track which is sure to get your arms waving madly in the air! (as this video proves!)

You can buy "Under The Sheets" from itunes.


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