New Music : Fiona Bevan

Every now and then you come across an artist who makes you stop what you're doing and really take notice, today that is Fiona Bevan. Based in Suffolk in the UK, Fiona is a singer songwriter who has recently released her debut album "Plant Your Heart", which according to her blurb is lyrically about "the dark corners of love, with a cast of stumbling party-girls, fickle sailors and forlorn lovers sleeping out in trees.", which sounds like an interesting combination for sure.

On "Moths" I became instantly engrossed by her voice, which although playfully jumps from word to word quite gleefully, does purvey a real sense of depth and sincerity that draws you in and doesn't let go. The music behind is pretty Folk orientated but there are links to Jazz and Soul, which help to set her apart from her piers.

You can buy "Plant Your Heart" from itunes or physically here, and check out her website and myspace.


  1. Jabwob's remix is big!

    She certainly has a great voice - and you can see this distinctive trait propel her towards La Roux-like fame.

    Anyway, love the blog - great stuff on Fenech Soler!

    I have just started my own musical blog-space, Hits are for squares.

    Come by and check it out once I've managed to get a few more things up.

    Keep the good stuff coming!


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