Friday, 27 November 2009

New Music : Emika

Making it three girls in a row this week, we have Emika. Currently based in Berlin, she has been enjoying some decent airplay on Radio 1 from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Zane Lowe. "Drop The Other" has an interesting sound that takes dubstep into more experimental areas, slowing down the tempo with lots of strange samples thrown in. The whole track has an eerie atmosphere to it, which is only made worse or better when listened to at night. Emika's vocals are soft and gentle, which coupled with piano notes are completely at odds with the dark and broody environment she sings over. The single is released by Ninja Tune on 18th January, with a full scale album to follow later in the year. We have the Scuba remix for you to check out, which throws in added static, ticking clocks, and all sorts of other random tricks to spook it out even more.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New Music : Ellie Goulding (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Tipped by various scenesters to be rather doing well in 2010, Hereford's Ellie Goulding has taken the blogging world by storm in recent weeks with her latest track "Under The Sheets". Whilst the original version is pretty cool, it's the various remixes which have propelled the young starlet onto the radar of many of the top blogs and critic types around the world. Her voice is incredibly infectious, and fits perfectly over the floaty Little Boots esq pop electro beats.

Personally I'm really into the Jakwob remix, which turns the track into a solid dubstep banger, as well as the track we are posting below from one of our favourite producers this year Kids At The Bar. They have upped the tempo and turned it into a juicy house track which is sure to get your arms waving madly in the air! (as this video proves!)

You can buy "Under The Sheets" from itunes.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Music : Fiona Bevan

Every now and then you come across an artist who makes you stop what you're doing and really take notice, today that is Fiona Bevan. Based in Suffolk in the UK, Fiona is a singer songwriter who has recently released her debut album "Plant Your Heart", which according to her blurb is lyrically about "the dark corners of love, with a cast of stumbling party-girls, fickle sailors and forlorn lovers sleeping out in trees.", which sounds like an interesting combination for sure.

On "Moths" I became instantly engrossed by her voice, which although playfully jumps from word to word quite gleefully, does purvey a real sense of depth and sincerity that draws you in and doesn't let go. The music behind is pretty Folk orientated but there are links to Jazz and Soul, which help to set her apart from her piers.

You can buy "Plant Your Heart" from itunes or physically here, and check out her website and myspace.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Single Review : The High Wire - Leave Me In Love

A London based band that doesn't try to sound like the Klaxons or The Libertines is welcome enough but big smoke dwelling The High Wire are a breath of fresh air. Their echoy, layered music is as unique as it is sentimental.

Whilst the band ooze with 80s shoegaze influences 'Leave Me In Love' is more of a twee affair, driven by seasidey synth whilst male-female vocals serve the listener a hefty portion of sentimentality. This tune sits in the same mould as The The's classic 'This is the Day': simple, airy and haunting.

Whilst spare and touching songs are nothing new (indeed up and coming trendites 'Girls' offered up a similar format for their single a few months ago), The Hire Wire manage to add their own touches, layering vocals and thickening up the song enough for it to feel like it could wrap around you. Despite the daunting task, and perhaps unintentionally, this band have managed to avoid the cliches and write an honest to God love song, ready and waiting to be adopted by many a lovelorn teenager across the country. And quite right too.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Music : Dead Kids

Out next week through Artjam Records is "German Heart" the first single to be taken from Dead Kids debut album "Dark Party". It's a beautifully crafted pop song that oozes attitude and funk, but with definite dark undertones. Comparisons can definitely be drawn with French synth pop group The Teenagers. Ahead of the singles release on the 23rd November check out this wicked remix from Invasion, who rev the track up focusing on the rockier elements to great effect. I'd also recommend checking out the video for the song, where the band had £40 to spend and ended up buying a very cute kitten called Ratty.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

New Music : Digits

Based out of Toronto, Canada comes Digits, an electronic indie pop guru whose actual name is Alt Altman. During the Summer of this year, Digits recorded and produced his debut album titled "Hold It Close", which is available both digitally, physically, and streamably through his website.

Digits music is a throwback to the electronic heydays of the 80's, but with a significant 2009 indie update. Think Joy Division and Depeche Mode meeting Hot Chip and Simian Mobile Disco, a mouth watering prospect I think you'll agree. "You're Going To Age" has a smooth engrossing bassline, which repeatedly breaks out quite funky, and is almost impossible to not move to. Alt's vocals are haunting and understated, but suit the style of music superbly. There is great depth to Digits music, something which can in no small part be attributed to the way he's produced the record, an impressive bow for any musician to have. If you're looking for some dark but intriguing disco for these Winter nights then check out Digits.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

EP Review : The Yearbooks - Have A Great Summer

This rock and stroll mini album by Chicago based The Yearbooks is reminiscent of the schmindie Brit pop brigade that infected the UK charts over a decade ago. Think The Boo Radleys or Teenage Fanclub. With passive vocals, plodding melodies and flaccid Stroke’s guitar lines ‘Have a Great Summer’ is a wishy-washy affair comprising of six melancholic pop numbers.

Too inconspicuous to anything other than acceptable this bland offering sits awkwardly in the no man’s land between New York rock and dated 90s melodies. The chorus on opener ‘She Did It With Her Eyes’ is repeated ad infinitum to hammer home that it’s a poppy hook. ‘Stranger of the Night’ is a out and out Stroke’s copy but toothless whilst single ‘Season of Love’ sounds like The Cardigans with a swirly chorus of doubled vocals but amounts to nothing more than a unremarkable duplicate.

Music doesn’t have to be loud or exciting, but it does need to be interesting. The Yearbooks miss this mark. Certainly, the last two tracks raise the bar, but not enough to warm me to the rest of the album nor does it stop the band sounding unoriginal, twee and somewhat catatonic. This mini album is pleasant enough but way routine to deserve commendation. And the question that I can’t answer is why listen to The Yearbooks when we can listen to those they’ve impersonated instead?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

New Music : Fenech Soler - Lies

Out this week through Moda Music, "Lies" is the new single from UK band Fenech Soler. It's a wicked tune that effortlessly fuses electro with funky indie pop vibes. They have already enjoyed major support from BBC Radio 1, with the likes of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, and somebody called Jo Wiley giving Lies a regular spin. As well as national press coverage the band have been delighting crowds up and down the country playing numerous venues, including supporting Groove Armada.

As if that's not enough to convince you of this bands clear talent, then take a look at the label that's putting out the single. Moda Music has quickly built a strong imprint for the cutting edge of electronic music, after starting out by developing a monthly club night in their hometown Lincoln, attracting big names out to the ‘provinces’ for their cutting edge parties. 3 years down the line, they are selling out 1600 capacity warehouses and their very own Jaymo and Andy George have a monthly Radio 1 show. Check out their brand spanking new website for all the latest releases and shows.

You can buy "Lies" from both Itunes and Beatport, so get on it!

In case you missed it we posted the video for the track a few weeks ago, check it out. And we also have a wicked remix from Phantoms Revenge for you to get your ears around!