EP Review : Strange Birds - Strange Birds

Strange Birds, Hailing from California are a drawling, near catatonic four-piece that are giving away their new self-titled EP for free, on Bandcamp. That’s right. All seven tracks of it too.

Of course, they have it on a name-your-price scheme but when offered something this beautiful, it would be a crime against creativity not to pay something. They’ve released opening track ‘Summerbirds’ as a teaser and it’s a mighty showcase of their talents. The song is a spacious, semi-psychedelic tune that’s intimate as hell and demands to be played in the small hours of the night. Dulcet vocals, reverb soaked guitars and brushed drums are as melancholic as they are sweet, the whole thing is beautiful and intoxicating; a lazy, slumbering tune that’s an understated masterpiece.

Strange Birds claim their music is “inspired by the multifarious wonders of the California coast” and like the sea, there is something both magical and personal about their creations. Sounds pretentious? Well only pretentious words seem to fit this unassuming and offbeat band. They’re as subtle as they are mighty. Go, download and be part of the quiet revolution.

Strange Birds - Summerbirds by Music Liberation


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