Single Review : Chris Devotion & The Expectations (CD EX)

Rock and roll has never been about musicianship, it’s what you do with it that counts. From Chuck Berry to The White Stripes, various incarnations of the twelve bars blues have been roaring through the decades with perfection when placed in the right hands.

So Glasgow’s Chris Devotion and The Expectations familiar take on this even more familiar genre is a risk, but it pays off. New single ‘I Need Your Touch’ is brittle rock and roll that might begin with sparse Hives-style riffs, but culminates in a baying mob of hand claps and blues solos. Devotion does a frenzied job telling everyone he ‘needs your touch’ in an impassioned call-and-response wail all within a mere two minutes. And it seems brevity is the key here as supporting b-side ‘Pinhole Suit’ rips through 90 seconds of Rocket-from-the-Crypt-esque posturing, ending before it’s almost begun.

This compact aural assault of a single might be nothing new but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing good. It’s a welcomed slap round the face that’s worth catching on it’s release. But caution: blink and you’ll miss it. Music Liberation’s advice? Don’t blink.

I Need Your Touch’ is out on 7th February on Armellodie Records. // Chris Devotion & The Expectations

I Need Your Touch by CD/EX by Armellodie