BBC 6 Music: Music Blog 2012 Zeitgeist with Hype Machine

Ahead of this week's BBC 6 Music's Now Playing special show; a 2012 Music Blog Zeitgeist in collaboration with the Hype Machine, we have been asked to present our top 3 artists so far this year. 

So we thought rather than repeat ourselves we will simply (not lazily...) point you in the direction of our previous words, as well as letting you once again enjoy the music. (And we've given you an extra bonus artist too, cos we just couldn't leave them out!)

Make sure you tune into the show on Sunday between 6pm and 8pm, with new music guru Tom Robinson in the hot-seat, and you can give your views on the top 25 using the twitter hastag #Blog6Music during the show itself.

Cloud Nothings - ALBUM REVIEW: Attack On Memory

Lucy Rose - Live Review: Camden Jazz Cafe

Bonus! = Hysterical Injury - Album Review: Dead Wolf Situation