Out this week through Blind Colour is 'Rapture', the Blondie inspired new single from Ink Project. The electronic duo from London released their debut album in 2011 called 'Inside The Sun', and followed that up with several special one off performances in and around the capital. They return this year with new material, headed up by the single 'Rapture', which is their own individual take on the Blondie classic.

The track is pretty mesmerizing, perfect for an end of day chill out, and the video that comes with it is equally interesting. Directed by Julia Schönstädt, the video features a dancer (Montse Roig), a sultry lady (Charlotte Ratz), and some impressive visuals from Dominic Kießling. It's impressive stuff, which although being almost 5 minutes in length seems to end far too soon, leaving you wanting much, much more. Ink Project