Tall Ships have been on our radar for quite some time now, with us first covering them back in March 2010 with a review of their self titled EP. The trio from Falmouth (now based in Brighton) are signed with the impressive Big Scary Monsters, and Everything Touching is their debut record out next week on October 8th as a split release with Blood And Biscuits.

The album begins with 'T=O', a sumptuous half instrumental Mogwai inspired track which sets the bar ever so high. Vocalist Ric Phethean enters halfway through, but it is the guitars that really shine bright. Launching straight into 'Best Ever', the band continue their impressive early Foals-esq mathrock, with once again those guitars really standing out. It's heavy, but also it's not, in a weird way, as the melodic rhythmic nature of the music carries you effortlessly along. Things are slowed a tad for third track 'Phosopherence', with Plethean's vocals given more of the limelight. It's a solid track, if nothing spectacular especially after the opening first two tracks. 'Oscar' starts in a similar fashion to the previous song, but after a slow start things get ramped up for an emphatic guitars driven ending (ED: yes more guitars!).

'Ode To Ancestors' is simply beautiful, vocally and musically, with the sparseness in the track enhancing everything. Things get moving halfway through and the familiar pattern of group vocals and big guitars takes us through to the end. It builds and builds until you are forced to take notice, but actually it really works well and its a pleasure to let the band take over your mind. The one track I struggle with on this album is 'Gallop', purely because it reminds me of The Vaccines, with the vocals, and the drumming in particular reminding me of that bloody band (ED: let it go Jon, it was a long time ago...). Did I mention that also happens to be the latest single from the record?

Moving swiftly on, 'Idolatry' sounds gigantic, with the band somehow creating even more space and variety in their music. During the six minutes of the track heart strings are tugged, heads are rocked, feet are tapped, and your mind will definitely be taken someplace else. It's a different track to others on the album, with the band moving away from their trusted guitar riffs and being more experimental, and it works, really well. An entire album of tracks just like that would go down very well (ED: hint, hint). 'Books' is the thinking mans' song, lyrics about time being precious, interspersed with soaring guitars and big drums. Nice. Final track 'Murmurations' is an epic nine-minuter, growing from a distance beat and lone guitar into a full on rhythmic monster with keys, guitars, drums, and vocals all combining to leave a song which is just a joy to listen to again and again.

Everything Touching is quite possibly one of the best albums you'll hear all year, you just don't know it yet, and for that matter, neither do I, yet. You see this is a complex album which requires several listens to really grasp the depth of ideas this band have put forward over the ten tracks. Some moments are instant, others might take a while longer, but I'm deadly sure that at some point the penny will drop for all, with the album sure to feature in many top 10's come the end of the year. To sum up this album I'll use a vastly overused word - EPIC.