Next up from London’s Sup Peeps Records comes The Red EP, the first of a ‘Three Colours Trilogy’ from Oliloquy (aka CIRCLE), provider of two of the jazziest, funkiest tunes (and a remix) on the label’s introductory two-disc 'Start Collecting' and coming in at only 6 songs long, I decided I would push the boat out and cover each one.

Due for both physical and digital release on Halloween, those expecting the same laidback, jazz-infused vibe from this EP may be disappointed as there is not a trumpet flare or flute flourish to be found. Bare with me though, it’s still worth a listen.

An ominous, plodding beat sets off intro track ‘Circle’s Theme 1’, building into a gloriously glitch-ridden bass-fest before ‘Borealis’, the EP’s most chilled number, calms things down for a bit. Things get almost cheery on ‘Intelligence’, a good Electronica-inspired track (to my uncouth, Hip Hop-tainted ears, anyway) but it seems a bit too polished which makes it stand out a bit among the murkier EP highlights. The opening of ‘BATS!’ reminded this old drum & bass head of Mampi Swift in his ‘Jaws’ days- never a bad thing. Add a tasty bit of scratching, a familiar-sounding melody that floats in and out and a grimy bassline and the result? A nodding head and thumbs up from me.

Additive’ is a downtempo, almost uneasy listen at first; a droning organ-like sample plus some distorted scratches lead you to think it is another Borealis-esque track. Then the bassline slams in. It is crunchy and chewy and spectacular. I can see this track going down well at whatever the equivalent of a rave is these days (still raves? Someone enlighten me).

Rounding off this brief extended player in epic form is ‘Invaders From Wherever’, stuffed full of chest-rattling bass, stirring melodies and non-annoying glitch-synth bits (technical term). I’m sure I heard bongo drums just before that first drop too and you can’t not love a tune that features bongos, right? 

So to sum up, this isn’t one for the acoustic folk lovers. If you like your music bassy, glitchy and covered in synths, you should definitely give The Red EP a listen. Do me one favour when you do though- listen to it on a decent set of speakers, eh? Those tinny little things on your laptop will never do this EP justice. Not in a million years.

"BATS!" By Oliloquy a.k.a C!RCLE by Sup Peeps Records ✌

Invaders From Wherever By Oliloquy a.k.a C!RCLE by Sup Peeps Records ✌