London based 4-piece USA Nails release their debut album next month. Titled 'Sonic Moist' it will be available through Smalltown America on a delicious sounding mint green swirling 12" vinyl, alongside a less appetising digital download.

I'll level with you, 'Sonic Moist' is not an easy listen. However for those who like the current wave of post-punk-noise that seems to have surfaced over the past 12 months, it's an essential listen. In a nutshell it's abrasive, obnoxious, relentless, and at times damn right brutal, comparable with contemporaries Big Ups, and Pissed Jeans, and inspired by Sonic Youth and Swans.

The album is available on the 17th November, head over the Smalltown America for pre-order, meanwhile the band's next London show is on 17th October at the Unicorn, with a full tour to follow - full details here. // USA NAILS


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