Gig Review - The Wombats at Cardiff Uni

As part of my birthday celebrations I recently went to see The Wombats at Cardiff University. So here's a little review for y'all. (Photos courtesy of Miss Kelly Shaw)

The first band up were Tinseltown.

Tinseltown are a 5 piece hailing from London, led by vocalist Romily Alice. They play a infectious blend of poppy indie punk rock. All the members of the band are pretty young, but already they are supporting bands such as Babyshambles and CSS. As for their set I wasn't convinced straight away, but they won me over. Singer Romily Alice has definite talent, there's something unique about her voice which sets the band apart. Tinseltown clearly have potential and i'm sure 2008 will be a good year for them.

The second band on stage were To My Boy.

To My Boy are two men with guitars from Liverpool, and their assorted electronic equipment. I guess you could describe their sound as a combination of powerpop, indie, and electronica. What I like about To My Boy is that they are different to everyone else. However they then tend to focus too much on their own sound, and there is a lack of diversity to their music. But their energy and enthusiam for what their doing is inspiring. There seems to be a clear love for the 80's, especially with the vocal styles. Again i'm going to use the word potential for To My Boy. It will be interesting to see how they develop over the next 12 months.

And finally we have the headliners, The Wombats.

The Wombats are a 3-piece from Liverpool. They have had a highly successful 2007, thanks to a brilliant debut album, and an extensive touring schedule which has emcompassed over 250 gigs. They have enjoyed regular coverage on major radio stations and music publications. So they had a bit of reputation. And did they live up to it? Hell yeah they did!

The Wombats have a catalogue of "fun" songs, most of them following a set formula. A catchy guitar, powerful drumming, and nice chanty bit for the crowd to get involved in. On the live front it works really well and the crowd really got into it. Standout tracks were "Kill The Director", "Lets Dance To Joy Division", "Backfire At The Disco", and the new single "Moving To New York".

2008 is set to be a another good year for The Wombats, with a tour to Australia already lined up. Their album "Love Loss And Desperation" is out now.


  1. What did people wear to the gig?

  2. erm clothes lol...why do you ask??

  3. No like any outrageous stuff?
    The Albert Hall one has requested formal attire :S

  4. Well the albert hall is a smart place so im assuming thats why they have asked that. It seems strange though...did it state that on the ticket?

    I dont remember anybody wearin anything out of the ordinary, just the usual sort of gig stuff.


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