BBC Radio 1 - BBC Introducing with Bethan Elfyn

Soooooooo....I'm going to be on Radio 1 tonight. (As you do lol)

Yes me, Sid, will be speaking to the nation between 12am and 2am on the BBC Introducing show with Bethan Elfyn in Wales tonight!

I'm going to be their weekly tipster for this weeks show, basically saying my three top tips for the week and little bit about Music Liberation.

If you want to listen live you can do so on the Radio 1 website or on 97-99FM. I'm guessing i'll be on after 1am but i'm not entirely sure. [EDIT - SKIP TO 01.21am TO HEAR MY BIT IN THE SHOW!}

Or you can listen again after the show has aired.

Its all rather exciting, i just hope i dont sound like a tool!

Full Tracklist here

(I'll be getting back to normal posting next week, sorry about the rather random links and lack of my normal posts lately)


  1. pretty snazzy. your guest blog thing on Blood Red Shoes is up on my blog now me thinks if you haven't seen it yet. thanks again for that by the way.


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