Lillica Libertine

I've mentioned Nottingham based producer Lillica Libertine on ML before, but recently i've just been caining his tunes so i felt the need to bring him up again.

In particular his last single, "Manhunt" which came out a few months ago on french label Place Blanche, is just an absolute head beater of a track.

When someone lists The Locust alongside the French House scene as influences, you know you're going to get some mental tunes, and Lillica Libertine does not disapoint.

He uses crazy samples and really heavy beats, and everything is turned right up, but somehow its still danceable to. He's all set to take things to the next level, particuarly with a live session with Radio 1 planned for next week. Over the next 6 months I think he's going to rip up everything.

Check out these tunes and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Hey sid hows it goin, listened to some of your BBC introducing, well done! Heading in the right direction if you wna get into radio in the future, just keep practising and nailing the voice, if you were sitting before, try standing when your do it, elevates your voice when you speak in lower tones.

    I got my year 1 radio mark back, 64%, which was alright, bit gay as I fucked up the interview part of my portolio, mike got 69% so both of us missed out on a 1st, but then it dusnt count towards the final mark til nxt yr, so just summer time now!

    Anyway comment about this post grr, ive been nailin his tunes a lot lately aswel, I played Britney Spears at my student union a few weeks ago, dont think any1 had herd it b4, but got a lot of people on the floor, im tryna get him to play at my next night on freshers weeks in september, depends if theres ne spare money from the unions budget after the summer sound referb!

    chat soon dude, keep at it!


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