Drum + Bass (In Your Face)

Really been feeling my Drum + Bass lately, particuarly these two tracks. The only problem with D+B is that there seems to be a lack of blogs out there that cover the genre, therefore a lack of tracks that appear for download. So until these two are released officially you'll have to do with streaming them on their respective myspace pages.

First up its DJ Hazard with "Machete". This such a killer of a track that would just rip up any dancefloor! DJ Hazard Myspace

Then theres's SubFocus with "Timewarp", another really heavy piece of music from Andy C's RAM Records based artist. SubFocus Myspace


  1. I feel the same way! There need to be more dnb blogs. It is also possible to obtain Dj Hazard - Machete if you look hard enough...

  2. sub focus's album, when it eventually comes out, is going to OWN.

  3. yeah it definatly will! He's put some really wicked tunes so far so a full player will be awesome!


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