Featured Label: Moda Music

My friend, DJ and Producer extraordinaire Craig Duranti is a resident DJ at an excellent House Club night called Moda at The Cell in Lincoln. Craig along with several of the Moda spinners have recently set up their own record label, Moda Music. It's an exciting project and one that definately deserves your attention. A couple of weeks ago they put out their first release, "The Jak Z EP", which has already topped the Juno charts.

Check out the spiel of the label below, aswell as checking out their myspace.

To buy the Jak Z EP then click HERE.

Check out a Jak Z track - MP3: Jak Z - Got The Power

Sited by Annie Mac, Kissy Sell Out, Herve, Switch, DJ Touche & many more as one of the best parties in the UK, the sound of Moda is taking over! Behind the neon of this nocturnal zoo of misbehavior lives the formidable Moda DJ's. Already responsible for some of the biggest club tracks of recent times, these talented young producers wanted an outlet dedicated to their ever-evolving sound- and here it is!

Moda Music is an exclusive monthly installment of all things Moda. Expect club destroying EP's from the entire Moda collective, as well as guest appearances from our closest friends. Like the club itself, our music policy is nothing more than cool new music, that will make you want to dance! Over the coming months you will be exposed to everything from House to Hip Hop to Synth Pop and beyond!!